The APEX 2 has been around for some time and is a tried and tested surfski, popular for its versatility, from complete novice use, to competitive racing and lifesaving events.

The most significant feature of the APEX 2 is the wide range of ability levels that the ski caters for.

From paddling one day with family members as a recreational craft to the next day racing competitively with a competitive doubles partner over any distance. The 40cm leg length option means that very short or young paddlers as well as very tall or large paddlers can mange either cockpit, and the leg length can be changed on or off the water, with a simple drag and click mechanism. This feature and the stability and surfability makes the ski very popular with paddling clubs and lifesaving clubs in a multi user environment.

Length: 7.4m

Width (widest point outside each cockpit) 48cm

Width (widest point inside each cockpit 42cm

The ski is available in three weights and construction options.

Fibreglass vinylester vacuum hull and deck 26kgs

carbon fibre epoxy vacuum hull/glass vacuuum deck 23kgs

Full epoxy carbon vacuum hull and deck 20kgs