Length: 6.4m

Outside width at the widest point: 46cm

Widest point inside the seat: 40cm

The FLIGHT has the very rare feature of having all three of the main ingredients a paddler needs to be competitive. Fast, stable and manoeuvrable. You rarely find a Surfski that has a good balance between these main features that enables the paddler to be very competitive.  

 The volume of the ski and size of the seat area suites the smaller paddler. The ski has proven to be very successful for competitive girl or lady paddlers, junior boys or smaller adult paddlers.

The FLIGHT  is available in three weight options:-

Glass vacuum polyester sandwich construction 16kgs

Carbon epoxy vacuum hull/ glass vinyl ester vacuum deck 13-14kgs

Full carbon vacuum epoxy hull and deck 11-12kgs

Saskia Hockley (in picture), only 15 years old has won the covetted Wall and Back Surfski Series and the Marine SLC Summer Surfski Series in the 2019-2020 season, both in the junior ladies category and the ladies title overal, on a hybrid carbon FLIGHT surfski.