To bridge the gap between our entry level APEX 2 double ski and our very fast SPEED2 double ski we set out to with the following objectives with the new ULTRA double surfski.

  1. Ensure that we still had a very stable surfski for all conditions and for all ability levels.
  2. Improve if possible the comfort and rotation ability of both paddlers by opening the cockpit lips of both cockpits. (This also automatically improves the leg drive and power that can be generated by both paddlers).
  3. By reducing the volume in the bow, the glide through choppy sea and side chop improves both the speed of the craft and the stability.
  4. Reducing the waterline volume of the bow and having a flatter aft section in the hull advances the speed, surfability, manoeuvrability and acceleration. This effect makes the ski automatically very competitive in any open ocean conditions.

The result is that we now have a very versatile double surfski that can be used for recreation and be very competitive in offshore racing conditions.