Length: 5.8m

Outside width at the widest point: 52cm

Inside width at the seat: 42cm

This is an upgraded version of our very successful original HORIZON with numerous added design features. Focusing mainly on the user friendliness to the paddler, completely redesigning the deck, in particular around the cockpit area. These features include:-

Narrower foot well area. (Less capacity for water in the cockpit)

From in front of the seat towards the foot well area and up on to the front deck higher rail and deck volume, protecting the cockpit area from water ingress during surf and ocean paddling.

Dropping towards the bow of the ski the deck height is reduced in a curve allowing for very good water displacement through the surf and in down wind conditions.

4 carrying handles. Bow and stern handles and side handles at the cockpit. The side handles balanced so that the ski can be easily carried with one hand to and from the water and assist with mounting and remounting in the surf.

Full 40cm leg length slide and click easily adjustable on and off the water.  The additional 10cm leg length option compared to most products (30cm), gives you an additional 5cm shorter and longer in leg length options.

The seat has been reshaped to be more comfortable for bigger paddlers.

Attachment points and webbing on the back deck, in front of the foot well and a leash plug fitting in the centre of the cockpit.

The HORIZON X is available in three weight options:-

Glass vacuum polyester sandwich construction 16kgs

Carbon epoxy vacuum hull/ glass vinyl ester vacuum deck 13-14kgs

Full carbon vacuum epoxy hull and deck 11-12kgs