Length: 6.4m

Outside width at the widest point: 48cm

Widest point inside the seat: 42cm

The PHANTOM has evolved out of improvements and upgrade of a previous model, (FOCUS).

The ski suites both ends of the intermediate scale. 1)A paddler moving up form entry level ski’s to a competitive craft, but still wants stability and user friendliness. 2) Competitive paddler that prefers more stability  and manoeuvrability.

The ski is very manoeuvrable and stable and moves from intermediate on flat water to highly competitive in open ocean and down wind conditions.

The balance and glide of the ski due to very good distribution of the volume from bow to stern allows for very little effort required to maintain the forward movement of the ski when up to cruising speed. This together with widening the seat area, facilitates good powerful hip rotation  and very easy comfortable forward momentum.

For bigger paddlers an ideal craft for long distance paddling, in flat or ocean conditions.

Major new features are as follows:-

Substantially increase height of the rails forward of the sea up to the dome in front of the paddlers feet, and higher front deck immediately in front of the cockpit, lowering to a lower point at the bow.

Leg length can facilitate a very tall paddler without any modifications.

A widened seat area for much more comfortable hip rotation.

The PHANTOM  is available in three weight options:-

Glass vacuum polyester sandwich construction 16kgs

Carbon epoxy vacuum hull/ glass vinyl ester vacuum deck 13-14kgs

Full carbon vacuum epoxy hull and deck 11-12kgs